Privacy Policy

The data that gets generated as you browse this site and/or subscribe to the newsletter belongs to you. I am just borrowing it (with your permission) to better understand what is resonating with the community, what resources are more helpful / useful, and generally how to improve the experience of learning about Marketing Mix Modeling.

To do that, I am using Google Analytics (GA4) to collect site-usage information. IP addresses are anonymized, and I will make no attempt to try to collect personal information for any marketing or advertising purposes (oh, the irony!). Here's how I am using Google Analytics data:

  • Understanding which resource topics are most "popular" to improve the content
  • Improving the site to make it easier to use

I am currently using MailChimp for the email newsletter. The only thing I will use your email address for is to send you the weekly newsletter. I will not share or sell your email address with anyone, nor will I use it for targeted marketing purposes. Just the weekly newsletter.

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